Excellent Indian cuisine in Florence

The flavors of a millenary culture

Typical Indian cuisine

Haveli is a reference point for Indian cuisine in Florence: we are profound connoisseurs of the recipes of our region, the Punjab, and of all of India. Here you will discover the millenary culinary tradition of our country, prepared with the most modern techniques.
We will take you by the hand to discover perfumes, aromas and spices.
You will be offered the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of Indian cuisine, such as chicken curry or tandoori; inspired by Ayurveda and largely based on a harmonious blend of vegetables and greens.
This is why Haveli is the perfect choice not just for those who are curious to discover an ethnic restaurant, but also for those seeking a vegetarian restaurant in Florence.

Tradition and renewed discoveries in a menu that is enriched with the seasons

We use only ingredients of the highest quality and pay meticulous attention to their preparation and pairings. We are ready to recommend the finest Indian dishes to meet with your tastes and preferences and are anxious to reveal the secrets of our most sumptuous recipes.

Our Wines

At Haveli, wine has a place of honor. Chef Jyoti is an affirmed sommelier and cares for the restaurant’s cellar with an attentive and expert eye. Our menu provides you with a great variety of carefully selected labels.
Of course, for those who wish to explore our culinary culture full circle, excellent Indian wines cannot be overlooked.

For those who wish to create a symbiosis of pleasure between two great culinary and wine traditions, our cellar includes many high quality Italian and Tuscan wines.
We are attentive to innovation and new oenological trends, which is why we also embrace organic and biodynamic wines in our cellar, selected from the finest wineries in Tuscany.

Not sure which labels go best with Indian cuisine? Never fear! Ask our staff, they will be able to guide you toward the perfect choice!

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